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The last 10+ years have seen an increase in the number of devices that include GPS capability. Google maps allows us to track our route, and other apps such as Yelp allow us to pinpoint exactly where we are headed to dinner for the evening. Social apps like Facebook and Foursquare have even provided people the opportunity to “check-in” – the latter with incentives to do so. The technology for GPS devices has greatly advanced in recent years, a fact which we are no stranger to here at Accurate Tracking Solutions.

Our tracking devices are the perfect solution for a worry-prone parent of a newly licensed teenager, or the cost conscious business owner. Our team has truly thought of everything, from updates on speed and location to indications of sudden stops and accelerations.

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Multiple Advantages

As any parent knows, keeping track of your teenager’s whereabouts can be a job all in itself. The day they get their driver’s license and access to a vehicle is the day their world expands on a massive level. With our GPS tracker you can keep yourself informed of their driving habits, and ensure they are driving as safely as you taught them. This technology is especially helpful for longer trips, or trips outside their immediate area. When you implement our GPS tracker, you will know with absolute certainty that they are keeping on track and staying safe on the road.

The current advancements in the field of medicine have generously increased the average lifespan of the American adult. With this advance in age comes a host of other limitations – both physical and mental. There are currently 5 million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease, and that number is sure to increase in the coming years. Fortunately for these patients, and others with similar forms of dementia, we have the perfect solution for mitigating problems associated with them wandering off. Our wearable trackers can locate patients and/or loved ones at any time to know they are safe and where they should be.

GPS trackers on a fleet of delivery vehicles makes great economic sense. They are also beneficial from a safety standpoint in that they allow your workforce to be monitored for safe driving habits. Financially speaking, you can ensure that your vehicles are traveling at a speed that is ideal for fuel-saving. The EPA estimates that reducing speed by 10 MPH increases fuel efficiency by 20%! With our GPS trackers in place, you can monitor your drivers’ speeds and ensure they hold to 65 mph. This strategy has been so effective with our customers that they report $150 in savings per 10 vehicles in just one month! The safety component should not go unrecognized either: slowing down a speeding driver will inevitably result in fewer tickets, accidents, and litigation against your company.