• Key Features:-
    GPS Engine
    Embedded Cellular
    Integrated OBD-|| Interface
    PCS and GPS antennas
    One step installation
    Integrated J 1963 connector
    Low Power consumption
    Hard Breaking & hard Acceleration monitoring
    Ignition on/Off monitoring
    RPM, Average gallon MPH , Fuel Level monitoring
    Quad Band Equipped (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
    Over-air firmware updates (UDP supported)
    24/7 live GPS tracking
    Mobile Access (iOS and Amdroid)
    3d Global mapping
    Geo-Zone alerts and function
    Speed and idle alerts
    Accurate position updates (every 10 minutes while vehicle is off , and 2 minutes while vehicle is running )
The Falcon HD is plug-and-play tracker that’s ideal for teen drivers, fleet tracking and vehicle tracking applications. This tracker communicates vehicle location information via GSM and GPRS networks

Falcon $199.00

Safe Alert

  • Key Features:-
    Two-way Voice communiation
    Capable of receiving incoming calls from 10 different nunmbers
    Quad band for international usage (850/900/1800/1900Mhz)
    Real time tracking
    SOS button  (included Braille labeling)
    Low Power Consumption
    Customizable reporting intervals
    Internal battery
    Compact design that’s lightweight
    1 year warranty
    FCC, TCRB approved
Brother to the safe Alert plus, The safe alert tracker is also idea for personal, Child, Special, needs, wandering patient, and elderly tracker. This Pendant tracker can be worn around the neck and includes plenty of safety features.

Safe Alert $249.99

The Slap and Track

  • Specification:-
    Quad band functionality (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
    Built-in vibration sensor
    Compact size
    Mobile access with iOS and Android
    Real-time monitoring
    Free fall detection
    Internal Magnets
    Power save mode
    Water Proof
    Customizable reporting intervals
    24/7 GPS tracking
    3D global tracking
    Store and Forward when out of cell coverage
    8800mAh internal battery
    Pad Charging* (NOT INCUDED)
The all new Slap and Track makes professional GPS tracking finally simple. No more external wires and no more external batteries! Take your battery life up to a year with the all new deep sleep function. Three internal magnets, instead of one external, with over 80 LBS of pull and with magnets built in as part of the tracker making it flush to look like part of the vehicle.

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