Global Tracking Devices For Multiple Uses

In the 21st century, you shouldn’t have to wonder where things are. Technology today allows us to track the things that are the most important to us. From an Alzheimer’s patient that has a tendency to wander off, to unruly rebellious teenage sons and daughters, all the way to our prized assets such as the speedboat we loan to our brother-in-law for the weekend – all these things can be tracked with the help of Accurate Tracking Solutions. Our global tracking devices boast the greatest advancements in tracking technology with a wide range of features designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

A Useful Tool for Private Investigators

While nothing can replace traditional investigation work, the field of private investigation is constantly evolving as new technology is tested and subsequently distributed. A well-placed tracking device can make a difference in any case. We are happy to offer a quality tracking device that won’t die midway through your investigation.

Our Falcon HD tracker is specially calibrated to detect the turning off and on of the car’s ignition. This comes standard, in addition to 24/7 live GPS tracking, mobile access on iOS and Android, speed and idle alerts, and even geo-zone alerts. Our device allows you to set up a perimeter of any shape of your choosing, and be alerted anytime the tracker leaves that designated area. It is even so specific that it can recognize a single street, and inform you if your target has left that street.

Peace of Mind For Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Care Facilities, & Caregivers

The Safe Alert tracker is ideal for children or wandering patients. Give yourself peace of mind with this waterproof, two-way voice communicator and tracking device. The low power consumption allows you to rest assured that it will last a long time between charges, and the lightweight design enables it to be comfortably worn around the neck for extended periods of time. A Safe Alert tracker supports parents in always knowing where their loved ones are, providing an extra layer of security and comfort.

The Ultimate in Asset Tracking

Any business that performs its own shipping can take advantage of our fantastic fleet trackers. Follow along and ensure that all your trucks are being used properly and are being taken to their proper destinations. In addition, we have slap track devices that don’t require a special placement inside a vehicle. As the name implies, simply slap this monitoring device to any asset, be it a speedboat, a luxury car, or any valued possession you want to follow, and the magnetic design will keep it snug and secure.

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