Private Investigator

The Perfect Tracker For a Private Investigator’s Arsenal

Trust our vision!

At Accurate Tracking Solutions, we offer a tracking device that is truly unlike any other. After working with numerous private investigators and federal agencies, our team has perfected a GPS tracking device that allows investigators to accrue the evidence they need to break open even the hardest of cases. By polishing the finer aspects of our tracking device we have discovered that most professionals are looking for two definite elements in a proper tracking system: long battery life, and excellent reception in a number of various scenarios.

Concealed Placement with Uninterrupted ReceptionOur research has allowed us to closely refine our product to make it the best it can be.


We understand that the most effective GPS device is the one that isn’t spotted. At the same time, however, its placement is crucial – it needs to be placed at the very edge of a vehicle to ensure proper satellite reception


This led us to the inclusion of special GPS chips: SiRF3 and 4. With these chips in use, a private investigator can put a GPS tracker in a hidden position without conceding good reception


The number of spaces that can be utilized are multiplied by the use of this vital technology – think car frames, under a car bumper, trunk space, and countless other covert positions.

Pronounced Battery Improvement

The stealthy placement of a GPS tracker on a car is meaningless if the battery dies before you can accumulate any meaningful information. Oftentimes a case can run many days and even weeks, emphasizing the need for a long-lasting battery lifespan. Our trackers were designed to last up to 1000 hours without needing any type of charging.

Plus, they are equipped with a patented “shaker switch” which eliminates the need for additional hook-ups between a device and tracker. These trackers can last for such prolonged periods of time because of their sleep and battery conservation modes. You can rest assured that your targets will always be followed, because they are also made to wake up whenever movement is detected.

Ultimately, whether you are putting together a large-scale investigation to look into a major criminal ring, or you simply are seeking to tail a cheating boyfriend, we have the equipment that help your investigation reach a successful conclusion.